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(Not) Powered by Web Wiz Journal
Posted on Tuesday, December 02, 2003 :|: Nobody cared enough to Comment

Do NOT use the Web Wiz Journal. Here is why:

I've been getting an occasional error accessing the database for my journal. I think I finally found the problem. It is an issue that I fixed in the config file, but the include for my home page doesn't use the config file. It had the bug hard coded in. I think I fixed it.

The Web Wiz Journal comes full of these kind of bugs. These bugs include recordsets and connections that aren't closed properly along with connections that aren't even used. I had to rewrite the code to clear out all the errors. I did so much rewriting that I might as well have written my own from scratch. Which is what I think I will do as soon as this semester is over. I've been too busy with my semester project to do much of anything with the site lately.

FYI For those who want to know... Every time someone views the journal my web server creates a connection to the database. The web server has a set number of connections that it will allow at one time. If the connection is not closed and the maximum amount of connections is reached, the web server won't be able to connect to the database and it throws an error. I believe this has only been a problem when I add or update journal entries cause it uses extra database calls. My site doesn't get enough traffic to cause this problem any other time. However, this would become a problem if my site happened to become popular one day. Due to these issues, I must recommend against using the Web Wiz Journal.

Update: My site no longer uses the Web Wiz Journal. I wrote my own script.

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Nobody cared enough to comment.
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